Restorative Procedures

White/Composite Fillings

Made of tooth-colored material, composite fillings restore the teeth’s natural beauty. Composite fillings can be matched very closely to your natural tooth color, and are virtually indistinguishable from unrestored teeth. Composite fillings are excellent options for front teeth, but may be suggested for selected sites on molars as well. The composites we use have proven to be extremely durable and stain resistant. See our Smile Gallery for an illustration.


A crown is a restoration that covers a tooth in order to strengthen it as well as restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown may be placed to support a large filling when there is little remaining tooth structure, attach a bridge, protect weak teeth from fracturing, or restore fractured teeth. A tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy will require a crown following treatment to provide strength and support to the tooth. We use only those materials for crowns that will provide the longest lasting benefits to our patients. See our Smile Gallery for an illustration.

dental crown


A fixed bridge, usually made of porcelain-faced gold (or gold), is used to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge helps to create a normal bite, prevent stress on the dental arch, prevent the drifting and tilt of adjacent teeth, inhibit decay in difficult areas, and slow the onset of periodontal diseases. Bridges are composed of abutments (the sound teeth on either side acting as supports) and the span (a framework attached to the abutments with artificial teeth attached to that framework). Our West Lafayette dental bridge and implant patients appreciate the expertise and training that Drs. Cameron and Beth Mohr have in this field as well as success with their patients. See our Smile Gallery for an illustration.

Implants-Single-Tooth or Multiple-Tooth

Dental implants replace teeth that have been missing since birth or have been lost due to gum disease, infection, trauma, or decay. Implants are surgically attached to the jawbone, and become a permanent part of your mouth. With implants, patients no longer experience the slipping, moving, and irritation of dentures. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth because they are made of a metal that is highly compatible with the jawbone. As a result, the implant (a small post that protrudes from the gum) is able to fuse easily with the underlying bone. See our Smile Gallery for an illustration.

A highly experienced oral surgeon or periodontist recommended by our West Lafayette dental bridge and implant office will perform the surgical procedure for your implant. The doctors will partner with your surgeon to follow your treatment to the restorative phase. Drs. Cameron and Beth Mohr will complete the implant procedure by attaching natural and functional tooth structures to the implant components, providing you once again with the comforts and confidence that accompanies a beautiful smile.

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